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IntelliProtector is the leading software protection solution that, on the one hand, helps you to easily build the most secure software monetization politics and, on the other hand, provides the convenience and mobility of online protected licensing services. Simple to deploy, IntelliProtector utilizes a compact interface including the web-based control panel for managing the licenses and tracking the use of software copies and the downloadable client for setting up the sophisticated software protection in one click.

Basic features: why should you use the IntelliProtector?

  • For a software developer
    IntelliProtector provides an ultimate safeguarding of your software
    Our compact protection system is built upon strong encryption methods and, additionally, utilizes enhanced code blocking options to ensure the security of your intellectual property. Make your application protected against piracy and prevent the misuse of the code in several simple steps!

  • For a software vendor
    IntelliProtector increases your revenue and supports your sales
    IntelliProtector helps to make the software marketing and distribution easily manageable and effective: the online controls allow you to keep track of the licenses and copies of software enforcing your end user license agreement (EULA) and automatically prohibiting unauthorized copying.

  • For a customer
    IntelliProtector provides a robust licensing platform
    We provide a powerful support network for your valuable customers with such features as automatic license code recovery and integration with the major third party payment services.

Key benefits: What makes IntelliProtector unique on the software protection solutions market?

  • Attractive combination of low-cost and robust services.
  • Comprehensive security endorsed by strong encryption algorithms;
  • Flexible protection settings: software trials and activations can be set up by time or by the number of launches and are easily managed with the help of pop-ups;
  • Convenient license configuration: software can be effectively protected against the license code violation via our web services;
  • Continuous control: use our online service to track down and manage the usage of your software copies;
  • Payment processor integration: IntelliProtector provides the full integration with all of the major payment mechanisms, including PayPal, Avangate, 2CheckOut, RegNow, Plimus, SWPal, SWReg, BMTMicro, and others;

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New updates - Friday, September 04, 2015
# improved trial launch counters
# improved license verification on client
# improved license validation on server
# improved uninstall (remove possible)

New features - Sunday, August 02, 2015
* Credit cards, PayPal processing is added for software sales
New features - Tuesday, July 21, 2015
* Payments added. Sell software directly and withdraw funds in one place
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