What is IntelliProtector?

IntelliProtector is a software activation service with a web-based control panel that helps you reduce a form of piracy known as "casual copying". Casual copying is a common form of piracy characterized by the sharing of software between people in a way that infringes on the software’s end-user license agreement (EULA). Casual copying is very prevalent today and accounts for a large portion of the economic losses due to piracy.

IntelliProtector enables you to distribute your software securely over the Internet, on CD-ROM and DVD. It ensures that each copy of your digital product is used in compliance with your license terms and is not shared or used simultaneously on more than one computer. The service provides you with such handy options as powerful reporting, detailed statistics, automatic license keys managementб and resellers administration.

Top 5 Benefits of IntelliProtector

# 1: Rock-solid protection against piracy

The Protector software encrypts everything: the code of the software, Internet activation and delivery of the license code. To achieve the best protection, IntelliProtector protection engine provides a set of API to integrate the protector with the software code.

# 2: Create time-limited and feature-limited trials

With IntelliProtector you can create time-limited or feature-limited trials. To restrict some features, simply encrypt the code available only for the registered version and that’s it. When the end-user tries to use the restricted feature, the software will show the Purchase dialog.

# 3: Automated blocking license violators

IntelliProtector has a sound protection against carders. If the license code needs blocking, you don’t need to recompile a product. Just log in to the web-panel and block the code. Nobody will be able to use the code again even with the carded software version. Besides, IntelliProtector allows you to set up a filter that will deny activations of the license code if they exceed the predefined number of activations from different computers. If this is the case, IntelliProtector blocks the key automatically and sends the notification to the vendor.

# 4: Integration with all popular payment processors

IntelliProtector works with all well-known registration services, such as 2CheckOut, Avangate, BMTMicro, eMetrix, PayPal, Plimus, RegNow, ShareIt, SWPal and SWReg.

# 5: Easy to get started – free account

You can try IntelliProtector in action FOR FREE. Take advantage of the “Free Plan” subscription to get a fully-featured account. No questions asked.


Other Top 5 Benefits of IntelliProtector

# 1: Additional layer of protection

IntelliProtector has a special option - automatic delayed delivery of the license code, which may increase protection against fraud. The option can be enabled from the web-panel where you can also customize the settings for the delayed period.

# 2: Powerful reporting and statistics

The web-interface lets you see detailed statistics delivered in reports and charts and even track software activations and registration by country. To see the efficiency of advertisements, you can generate advertisement reports to see the number of activations and registrations for a particular period of the advertising campaign.

# 3: Easy recovery of lost license codes

If the end-user lost the license code, he can use the built-in license code recovery and receive the key to the email automatically. Alternatively, the end-user can request the code from the vendor. In this case, you need to log in to the web-panel, find the order and click the button to send the code. The system will send the code automatically.

# 4: Administration services for resellers

IntelliProtector provides administration services to resellers that enable them to generate license codes for the software they are selling. Each reseller has his own link to generate license codes and the vendor can monitor this process. The vendor can enable or disable any reseller easily.

# 5: User-friendly hardware binding

Our protection system hardware binding is user-friendly. This means that the end-user optionally needs to get the new code if he upgrades the hardware. Hardware can be upgraded once a week by default. Vendor can customize these settings to your preferences.

How does IntelliProtector Work?

For end-users:

  1. Download the software installer
  2. Install the software on the computer
  3. Run the software. The preliminary activation dialog will be displayed. You are required to pass the web-activation to continue using the software. For usability reasons, the web-activation is performed only once – the first time when the software is executed. It can be performed automatically or by e-mail. For security reasons no phone or fax activation is provided. Once the software is activated, you can use it for the specified trial period without connecting to the Internet
  4. Once the trial period is over or you want to register the software, the purchase dialog is shown. Use this dialog to enter the license code received after purchasing the software from the vendor or reseller. The registration requires your computer be connected to the Internet. For security reasons, only automatic or e-mail registration is provided. The registered software can be used without Internet connectivity.

For software vendors:

  1. Register with the IntelliProtector service
  2. Use the IntelliProtector software to protect your executables and build the installation package as described in the Help or in step-by-step tutorial
  3. Add the software information to the IntelliProtector service as described in the Help or in step-by-step tutorial
  4. Publish your protected software and enjoy your sales. Sometimes refer to IntelliProtector reports and charts to find out the information about sales and make steps to promote your software.


IntelliProtector Client Screenshots

Modules tab page

Activations tab page

Purchases tab page

Registrations tab page

Popups tab page

Binding tob page

Protection tab page

Output tab page