AlertPay is a payment processing service. It has two account types: Personal, Business. Business accounts are designed for people who run online businesses.

The benefits of Business account are many: accept credit card payments, manage multiple online businesses with one AlertPay account, work under one company name, built-in fraud protection.

To configure the IntelliProtector remote license code generator, please, follow the steps below.

1. Log-in Form

Please, log in to AlertPay control panel

2. Account page

Go to Business Tools

3. Business Tools. IPN Setup

Click on the 'IPN Setup' link

4. IPN Setup

  1. Copy Security Code from AlertPay
  2. Paste it into the Password field in the license code generator (web control panel)
  3. Fill Alert URL field by the code generator link from the IntelliProtector
  4. Click on the Update button

5. Business Tools. Manage Items

Click on the 'Manage Items' link

6. Business Items

Add new 'Pay now button'

7. Add Item. Step 1

Please fill the required fields

8. Add Item. Step 2

Click on the Finish button

9. Add Item. Step 3

Your 'Pay now' button is available in the 'HTML Code' field, but this code is still not ready.
You should add an additional parameter (apc_1) to this code from the IntelliProtector. The sample is below.

10. Additional Parameter for Item Code

Add additional hidden input field with name 'apc_1' and with value from your IntelliProtector project (license code generator, web control panel).

1.<form method="post" action="">
2. <input type="hidden" name="ap_productid" value="j3C***********TwnmQ==" />
3. <input type="hidden" name="ap_quantity" value="1" />
4. <input type="hidden" name="apc_1" value="%5b2nBbN0E***********5d" />
5. <input type="image" name="ap_image" src="***********35356800a.gif" />

Now your 'Pay now' button is ready and you can place it on your payment page.

Buyer will receive the license code by e-mail
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